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About Sarah

Sarah is experienced with organizing dog events, including: "Puppy Parties" for corporations, adoption fairs, fundraisers, and more. 


Sarah trained her first rescue dog to become a Canine Good Citizen & TDI-Certified Therapy Dog; together they volunteered in a hospital pediatric oncology unit. She has spent years volunteering at city animal shelters, as well as working with animals in veterinary and zoological settings. Sarah travels around the NY tri-state area visiting schools, local rescue groups and adoption events, meeting rescuers and dog care professionals.

Based on specific criteria, you will work with Sarah to choose the right dog. It’s about how well the dog’s personality works with yours!​

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Finding a dog through The Dog Matchmaker means finding a dog through devotion and canine-related experience. Sarah's hope is to increase national adoption numbers - one dog at a time.

Trying to decide if adoption is right for your family? See PetFinder's questions for you to ask yourself. And make sure your wallet will allow for a new pooch!


Sarah and her rescue efforts have been featured in Time, Fortune, BBC, Thrillist, Huffington Post, & more. See all Dog Matchmaker press! ​


Sarah Brasky is the Founder and Executive Director of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Foster Dogs Inc., which promotes the fostering of shelter dogs in the NYC area. She works with with hundreds of dog rescuers, and always keeps an eye out for available rescue dogs of various ages, breeds, sizes, and personality types.

​How Can The Dog Matchmaker Help You?


There are so many places to find rescue dogs: online (Foster Dogs), animal shelters, rescue groups, and in foster care. Just as you would hire an interior designer to furnish your home, or a tutor to help with a difficult subject, or a stylist to help you look your best, The Dog Matchmaker will help complete your family through dog adoption! 


Finding a dog through Sarah Brasky (The Dog Matchmaker) means working with someone who knows dozens of rescue groups in the NY tri-state area, and will help you along your adoption journey. Dog recommendations will be provided based on specific criteria, the most crucial being how well he or she fits in with your family's lifestyle. The Dog Matchmaker will help you sort through all these resources to find your ideal pooch, based on your requests! It's important to keep an open mind, and we'll find something wonderful together. 

How it Works:

Let Sarah know you're interested by completing the simple Dog Matchmaker questionnaire. Once Sarah emails you to confirm receipt of your questionnaire, you will be asked for a $150 fee to help her continue to perform this amazing rescue matchmaking work!

Sarah's fee (valid for two weeks once payment is made) includes a customized list of dog matches for you, constant advice during the adoption process, insight about available dogs and rescue organizations, and the knowledge that you're not in this alone. When available, you will receive exclusive listings of dogs that are not yet offered to the general public for adoption.


Read about Sarah's happy TAILS on the Success Stories page.


For more details and to know what to expect, read The Dog Matchmaker client agreement.

Note: Sarah is no longer accepting new clients beginning 2019, but can be reached by email or contact form for any inquiries.