I, __________________________, agree to pay $150* for The Dog Matchmaker's adoption services.


These services include:

  • Adoption and dog care advice via email/phone

  • Suggestions of potential dog matches

  • Communicating on adopter's behalf with local animal rescuers

  • Post-adoption advice and support


*Fee valid for two weeks from starting date (If consultation requires more than two hours or two weeks, Sarah's fee is $50/hour). The hourly rate will only "kick in" if you and Sarah mutually agree to continue the process. 


This is a non-refundable fee, so please confirm your agreement with Sarah before submitting the fee.


Paying this amount does not guarantee a successful adoption, though Sarah will work very hard to find a great match for you. Sarah has a network of rescue workers around the NYC area; each organization has the authority to review all submitted applications. The Dog Matchmaker cannot approve or deny adoption applications.


Sarah cannot guarantee the temperament of an animal; all information is provided by the rescue organization unless otherwise noted. The Dog Matchmaker does not assume any liability regarding behavior of a particular dog.


Your payment does not apply towards the adoption fee. This fee is paid directly to the nonprofit rescue organization from where your dog is adopted.










To be completed after Sarah reviews your questionnaire and requests your agreement.

Please print the following agreement, then sign, and send Sarah a photo/scan to move forward. The fee will be requested with the questionnaire as well.

Thank you for your cooperation.